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PvP Legends 0.56

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PvP Legends 0.56

Post by NoRender on Thu 18 Jun - 18:52

Hi, THIS IS the changelog from the fresh and new 0.56 build of PvP Legends

-CLIENT TP (need to wait to finish it, thx amazon.)
-Removed over 10 items
-Translated to english
-Some changes about industries:
-Nanite Systems are now the makers of LS Swords
-LF Series swords now renamed to LS
-EnergySword specific weapon are now LightSword
-Healstick buff from 0 amp LC to 1 amp
-Healstick buff from 1 amp RC to 2 amp
-Healstick buff from 100 tk RC to 200 tk
-RES BO 1 buff from 1 amp to 2 amp
-PA nerf from 150 TK to 75 TK
-Added a funny easter egg
-XHP Leveling nerfed from 20 to 22

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Dev Team

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